I'm looking for Fullstack Developer for a SaaS Project (EQUITY)

I'm looking for Fullstack Developer for a SaaS Project (EQUITY)

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Hey everyone,

This is a next generation startup idea for Educational Industry. I'm planning to launch Educational SaaS product for Schools , Colleges, Universities etc. It will be a B2B product.

Technologies I expect :

Fullstack development (Front End Design & development , Backend development)

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (No previous experience required but your willingness to explore is enough)

We will work like a partner with some equity given to you. I have already done the marketing part and many are waiting for a demo. I'm good at SEO & Digital Marketing. I'm also planning for a conventional marketing and many are ready as of now.

Unlike any ERP or Online Learning platform, this idea is unique and this is the future of education.

Note :

You will have to build complete application and I will handle the marketing part.

Frequent communication is required

You will have to spend at least 2-3 hour per day (If you're working on other job)

No salary will be paid as it is completely upon equity. As soon as you finish the job we can start on-boarding clients.

Should be very friendly , communicative , eager to learn technologies and passionate about work.

Be a honest person

Rest during our conversation :)

How to apply

Interested? Kindly forward your details to prasad@netsaps.com