Looking for a marketing buddy to launch a product for chatgroup.io

Looking for a marketing buddy to launch a product

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With the growing trend of Exclusive Chat Groups with paid membership, I build this platform where anyone can setup their paid super group.

On chatgroup.io you can register your slack or discord group, choose the subscription price that you desire, invite members in a few clicks, revoke their access, download and search through your invoices between your and your clients, etc.

Everything has been designed to make the life the chat group owner easier.

Chatgroup.io has been developed by a single developer. Everything already works perfectly! The platorm is stable and ready to receive the first customers.

Now I need help to find them! I'm a builder and an organizer, but I need a seller. Someone who can sell the product at the right place.

The big advantage of this product is that the earnings will grow on its own thanks to the chat group owner doing the job of getting new members.

So everything is ready, but need marketing.

Ideally, you

  • Have some experience in digital product marketing
  • SaaS marketing
  • Advertising on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google
  • Know how and where to contact influencers (primary target)
  • Can do the math ;)

I'm looking to partner with someone that matches this profile, so you'll get some equity in the business.

How to apply

Just send me an email at contact@chatgroup.io