Looking for another technical cofounder for webapp for www.getintou.ch

Looking for another technical cofounder for webapp

50% equity
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Tl;dr: Technical cofounder with an alpha version of a webapp, looking for another technical cofounder to take it to the next level for fun and profit.

For the last few months I’ve been developing the Get In Touch webapp. I spend 15-20 hours/week on it. You can check it out here. Be warned, it’s still an alpha version, so there are still more bugs and usability issues than there are features! https://www.getintou.ch . I'm working on it rapidly, though, so I expect it to be a much more viable MVP in around a month.

I started developing Get In Touch because I was frustrated by my inability to keep up with friends and relatives. The app helps you remember who you want to talk to, and how frequently. It’s all about helping you build stronger one-on-one relationships.

The idea is that the app will:

  • Remind you when you should follow up with friends who are overdue for contact
  • Allow you to save “stories” (snippets of text) that you can automatically paste into messages with friends, and tracks which stories you’ve already shared with which friends
  • Enable you to compose messages within the app and send them out via other channels (email, text, Facebook, etc.)
  • Track when you contact friends via other apps, and updates the “latest contacted” date of your contacts accordingly

People seem excited when I talk to them about this app idea. It seems almost everyone wished they did a better job of staying in touch with friends. About 25% of developers I mention this to say they’ve considered building something like this themselves! I think there’s a lot of opportunity here.

Besides the potential profit, here’s what you could get out of this:

  • Experience working with a cofounder.
  • Finding someone you might want to work with on future projects, whether or not this one takes off
  • The ability to make faster progress than you could working on something on your own

On top of all that, our cofounder agreement would stipulate that we’re both free to use the generic webapp code from our codebase to create a boilerplate, which we can each use for free, and without restriction, on future projects.

I’m open to meeting remotely, if you’re not in the SF bay area. I’m interested in other types of collaboration, too, so hit me up if you want to suggest other ways we can work together.

How to apply

Email me. My gmail address is niko.barry